Sunday, February 22, 2015

just be.

This morning in yoga, we focused on the balance of effort and relaxing, of strength and softness.  In certain poses, in order to attain softness and calm, strength and grounding is needed.  I can always take these principles into my life outside of yoga, and this weekend my goal is to find softness after a week of strength.  A good yoga class, several cups of warm coffee, and a slow afternoon spent with my husband is just what I need.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The little things

While checking through my regular blog lineup, I found this wonderful graphic artist via A Cup of Jo.  This is one of the pages of Soppy, a graphic novel by Philippa Rice.  Soppy is an autobiographical comic series about the author and her boyfriend, and it features bits and pieces of otherwise-uninteresting daily life.  It highlights small moments that illustrate the bond between the couple and the small things that make their relationship special.  While looking through it I saw lots of similarities to little things Mike and I do!

The rest of her work is really wonderful too.  Check her out!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Erin Fitzhugh Gregory

I love the way these paintings make me feel!  I stumbled across one of Erin Fitzhugh Gregory's paintings, and after doing more investigating, found her entire body of work to be so inspiring.  I love her use of contrast and scale, the whimsical feel, the bold colors, and the experimentation with texture.

One of my favorite paintings I've ever done is a splotchy, bold, high contrast-y flower, and finding her work has inspired me to continue down that path.  Coming back to painting after years is intimidating, and defeating when the image in my head doesn't so easily make its way to the canvas.  Here is her advice:

Her best advice for aspiring artists is to simply paint often and not fear mistakes. Mistakes in painting, especially in oils and acrylics, can often be cultivated into something beautiful in the end. Discipline and perseverance are key!
Learning to embrace the journey and not strive for perfection is something I can take with me into my non-art life, too.  I'm so excited to continue following her work!

Check out her website here.

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